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STEM your Kid’s Birthday Party this Year

Event engineer helping kids with LittleBits Kids showing their EV3 Creation

Birthday’s are one of those rare occasions when you tend to cut some slack in terms of the activities your child could do. But now you don’t have to feel guilty that your child wasted all that time by playing. Your child can have all the fun and still learn while playing with his or her best friends with all the cool toys. Kids learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) more easily when they are working in a group while sharing and collaborating with others.

At Creation Station we have a variety of activities that your child can enjoy during his or her Birthday bash. Kids can play with one of the four type of robots – Lego Ev3, Cubelets, Sphero or Mip or if he/she decides to explore electronics they can build circuits using Squishy Circuits or LittleBits . To bring out the creativity in your kids we can also have them 3D design an object and print using a 3D printer or design a beautiful ornament using Inkscape and we could cut using our Laser cutter .

Just don’t tell your kids they are learning! let them have fun and you be the proud parent watching them from a corner.

PS: We can have Kids Birthday Parties and other Kids Parties for all ages of kids 4 and up. Simply ask us and we will help you explore [Hint: Party !].

Birthday boy proud with his EV3 robot design Event Engineer helping kid with Cubelets

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