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Exploration Arcade

Come explore our Exploration Arcade where kids and adults can learn while they play.  While you play you can earn Smart Points that can be traded in for prizes and products. Here are some of the things can you find in our Exploration Arcade!

  • LEGO© EV3 Robotics
  • littleBits Electronics
  • Sparkfun Investors Kits
  • Spark Programming
  • CAD Software
  • Cubelets Robotics
  • Sphero Robotics
  • KIBO Robotics (coming soon)
  • Corel Draw Software
  • & more!!!!

Youth Rates ( Up to Age 16)
Drop-In (2 hour session)

  • $12 per adult
  • $12 per child. One free adult drop-in per child

Drop-Off (2 hour session)$18 per unaccompanied child

  • Child must be eight or older
  • Parent must provide an emergency contact cell number and sign a release form
  • Any child being dropped-of must be comfortable interacting with other children and being without their parent
  • Late pickup charges apply

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